From being the leading media company to bringing your marketing and tech solutions partner, we are here to help you in any aspect of your business. With our unique services and innovative solutions, we are confident that they will build a solid foundation for your business’ brand so that you experience growth in every area. Our team of professionals is driven by their passion for their work and is dedicated to providing top-notch service to our clients. We offer customized solutions and tailor-made services per our client’s needs. We ensure that regardless of how much you invest in your company or brand, the returns will always be higher than what was invested. At our company, we believe in using the latest technologies and offer a broad range of services. Our services include digital marketing, advertising, analysis, social media management, etc. We are a world-class media multi-company solution that delivers the most comprehensive marketing and the latest tech solutions. We deliver solutions to clients based on their needs. We understand that each client is unique and has specific requirements. And hence we always ensure we provide them with the best possible solution with their business in mind.

We are proud to reveal the results of our 2022 performance.
For the first time in history, we achieved the best brand performance in our industry with significant market share gains and strong profitability, driving superior change value to our customers.
We will continue to pursue excellence through innovation and collaboration.



An increase of 11% in local currency and 14% in U.S. dollars from 2020

New bookings


The brand development team has been hard at work creating a new brand of [product] that is both fresh and exciting while retaining the core values of the original.
Through this process, we have increased local currency sales by 17% and U.S. dollars by 20%.a

Free Cash Flow


The company's operating cash flow was $8.4 million, a decrease of $20 million from the prior year.
The change was primarily due to lower net income, partially offset by lower depreciation and amortization expense and higher inventory levels.


New businesses were created for better serving the world

Our ambition is to be the engine driving the transformation of our customers' revenue, and their customers' satisfaction. We seek to further enhance their performance by building strategic partnerships, and launching initiatives designed to contribute to the goals of Vision 2040.

We will provide our clients with the highest level of service, research and investment solutions in the field of most innovative, forward-looking and premium brands.

Since its founding, OHG. has evolved and grown into six different businesses, each with a specific focus. The depth of the organization's vision is what makes OHG. what it is—and its holdings are a reflection of this vision.

Since 1994, OHG. has been the ultimate gem for our clients. Our journey has been a success due to the owners' management and many consultancy firms that have contributed to our vision of becoming the leading global investment company

We will invest in the long term to maximize sustainable returns, and we will be the investment partner of choice for global opportunities and economic development for our beloved loyal customers.

We, Motasem and Monther Omari, founded Omari Holdings Group in 1994, and among its most important investments are Whispers Global, Brand Founder, Frenchchisor, Kayan Al-Etihad, Exit99, and GRA Global Registration Association after more than 30 exceptional years as partners in a Large international company, we had one perspective to work and lead all of these investments, we decided the way it was built was the best way. We led and developed it, and through the principles that our father taught us always to be loyal to the other party and to work honestly and honesty in all our work, and to help our customers even if it is without pay because one day you will help people as you helped them. The strength you invest in others may be like your loyal customers who struggled to keep them in the forefront. Today you and I are proud to announce that some of your customers are the best in their markets worldwide. We want to thank our father, who taught us the meaning of success. Thanks from the heart to our father and customers, who are all our pride.